Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 months of Christmas...Coming soon!


In an effort to be better prepared for Christmas 2012, I have decided to work on ornaments and gifts throughout the year.  The reason I have decided to announce this goal to the world is to keep myself on track.  If I have readers following my progress - I'm hoping - that it will prompt me to stay on task throughout the year.  I haven't got all the details nailed down, but I think I have a few ideas settled already.   I found the ideas for some of these ornaments on

The best part of this 12 months of Christmas?  12 lucky readers will win a collection of the ornaments made throughout the year - one winner each month!  And at the end of the year readers will have a chance to win one of everything I made throughout the year!  Details on this fun giveaway to be posted in a future article.


January: The Christmas family; Mary, Joseph, and Jesus   These Christmas ornaments are made using old-fashioned clothespins from Crafts Re-Designed, this Popsicle-stick Nativity from What to Expect, and one other one I'm designing myself are all planned for January.

February: Angels  This hilarious angel ornament made from a tampon comes from Fave Crafts, possibly the cutest pasta angel I've ever seen from Craftily Ever After, and again, one I'm working on designing.

March: Stars  This simple paper star comes from Good Housekeeping, this German paper star (we made these in my 7th grade class and I'm German, so these are a must) is from With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart, and a variation of this glittery star from The Robin and the Sparrow.

So stay tuned in and make sure you check back tomorrow for more on the ornaments I will be working on in April, May, and June!

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