Wednesday, July 29, 2009

crafting frenzy

so lately i've been on a crafting binge...among all the other drama going on, it helps keep me sane. sorta...anyway...the following pictures are just some of what i have been up to. hope you like

these are pics of a hanging wall decoration i made for natalia's bedroom. it's made with brown grocery bags, salvaged buttons, and some ribbon. i know i saw something similar on the internet in all my searchings, but i can't find it now...if i run across it i will update this post. but it's pretty simple to do. if you have questions, just ask.

this is a button fairy i made for a swap on swap-bot. i had never made one before but i like how it turned out. if you have never tried it and would like to, go here for directions

this is a little summer dress i made for my lil bean....i got the idea from Joy's Hope. she has a great site and i just modified what was already a great design. i changed it a little to fit my smaller bean and added some buttons. haven't tried it on her yet so not sure if it will fit but i think it will.... the first pic is the back of the dress and the other is obviously the front

also have been working on more stuff that isn't ready to post yet....



  1. I really want to make a Button Fairy, thanks for the directions!

    Karen (SewSouthern)


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