Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Have A Thing For Johnny...

Here is my newest crush...(sort of)

John Galliano, the lead designer for Christian Dior

Go and watch the fashion shows that I recently watched and see if you don't fall in love with these collections.
To get to the actual show links, follow these directions.
1. On this page you want to click on the link that says United States
2.You will be taken to a new page where you will click on Fashion Shows.
3. Watch both of them on FULL SCREEN
4. Enjoy!

Starla and I watched these to get an idea of how a "real" fashion show looks.  We have been preparing to do a fashion show for Ruth's Room at our church.  Now, we know we are not hip, eccentric fashion designers and that all the world will not notice our little fashion show.  But we want to do it with a level of class and polish that will get our cause noticed.  Ultimately, we want to glorify God in all we do.  It's just fun sometimes to look at what all the hoity-toity types are doing.  Whether you like this particular designer or the clothes, I have to say some of the details of these outfits is amazing.  It gives me all kinds of ideas for new kinds of little lovelies!

I finally got to watch my dear sweet Johnny Depp in Public Enemies.

(Gratuitous pic of Johnny)

 Ok, no movie with Johnny Depp in it is a bad movie, but I was a little disappointed.  I didn't know anything more about John Dillinger after watching that movie than I did before.  Is it possible I know everything there is to know about John Dillinger?  No way!  Not even I can know that much!  Could the people who made this movie have told us more about Dillinger?  Probably.  Will I watch this movie again?  Probably...Johnny is in it...duh!  Will I buy it...nah.  I'll wait for something really good like Alice in Wonderland.


I haven't mentioned this before (I don't think) but I love Johnny Cash.

 And...this love affair started long before the talented Joaquin Phoenix and cute-as-a-button Reese Witherspoon were in Walk the Line.  I grew up listening to Johnny sing as we traveled down I-5 to see my dad's sister and family in the Mojave desert.   I knew (and still do) every word to "Ring of Fire" and "don't Take Your Guns to Town" and "Tennessee Flat Top Box."  You know what I like best about Johnny Cash though?  He would tell it to you straight.  Once he got his life on the right track, he wasn't afraid to tell you where he had messed up and how God was what set him right.  I like that kind of honesty. 

Not sure where all the "Johnny" love came from.  But, I'm going downstairs now to spend time with BunBun because no matter what I like about all these other men, he is the one man who owns my heart.


  1. Well, I agree with the Johnny Depp love. Thanks for entering my giveaway and following my blog.

  2. oh my goodness, we must be sisters separated at birth... or something. We have quite a bit in common. Including Jane Austin... and a love of Johnny Depp.

    Thanks for commenting on my controversial topic! Love to hear other POV!

  3. Great read... i love that man Johnny Depp but i see you saved the best photo for last... Nice job!

  4. Le Swoon. I'm like AJ. We like all the same people. How does Johnny Depp keep getting hotter than he was in 21 Jump Street?


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