Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Flowers

Remember when I posted the tutorial for my fabric flowers and then I posted pics of the Bean and the flower headbands I made?  Well I have made another flower and turned it into a bracelet for Starla this time. 

I made this one really full; I used 8 circles of each size!  That's a total of 24 layers of fabric.  In the center is a 3-dimensional silver heart pendent (sorry I didn't get a better pic) that was from a bag of broken jewelry from my aunt.

Here is a pic of the back (another less-than-perfect pic).  I sewed the completed flower onto a length of black organza ribbon I had left over from some past project.  Evelyn, Starla's daughter, now wants one.  They are so easy to make!  I'm having tons of fun making them.  Have you tried one yet?


Even though Spring is still a ways off, the weather around here hasn't been too horrible.  With these fabric flowers though, I can make sure Spring is with me everywhere I go.  I was browsing around Artfire recently and come across some other lovely fabric flower creations I'd like to share with you.

First I would like to tell you about Tiffani at Cutienessers.  I did a search for fabric flowers and her shop was the first one I stopped by. 

I fell in love with her Cranberry Burgundy red fabric flower hair clip.  It's only $5!

And I'm dying over these stinkin' cute Ava mary jane baby shoe!  How cute would these be on Bean's feet when she takes her first steps?

What mom wouldn't be thrilled to get this adorable little Purple and green flower on stretchy lace headband for their new baby princess?

If you're dying for Spring to arrive, and can't wait another minute, head over to Cutienessers and order up yourself some Spring flowers.

Next I'd like to let you know about Khalliah Design.  While doing my fabric flower search at Artfire, I also found Caroline and her lovely creations.  As soon as I saw this gorgeous Set of 2 beige blossoms bobby pins, I knew I had to find out more about this artisan.

I'm also loving the rich colors of this Handmade orange and black blossom barrette and brooch.  Wouldn't this be perfect in your hair for a sunset barbecue or as a brooch for that special evening out?

You can also find some fabulous handcrafted jewelry made by Caroline.  My favorite are these unique
Emerald quartz earrings.  Aren't they fantastic?  And, my favorite color is green...perfect!

Go visit Khalliah Design and check out all the other wonderful pieces of jewelry and Spring flower finery and find that perfect item to make Spring arrive just a little bit early.


  1. Thank you so much for including me in your great blog Cindi :)


  2. That bracelet is really cute and my favorite color, too.


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