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Review and Giveaway: 'Night of the Living Dead Christian' by Matt Mikalatos

I'm sure all of my readers would love to own a copy of Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos, and one lucky reader will own it if they are chosen in the giveaway.  But, I will get to the giveaway details after the review.

Matt Mikalatos is also the author of Imaginary Jesus, which won rave reviews from professional critics and everyday readers alike.  Although I haven't read Imaginary Jesus, I was excited to be able to have the opportunity to review - and give a copy away thanks to Tyndale House Publishers - Night of the Living Dead Christian (NOTLDC). 

NOTLDC is the story of an average neighborhood that is being overrun by zombies, werewolves, and vampires.  The main character, Matt, is introduced when he is out taking his nightly walk as Chief Officer of the Neighborhood Watch program.  He meets a mad scientist (er, eccentric genius) named Dr. Culbetron and his robot HIBBS 3000 just as they are about to test a new invention.  When it is tested, hundreds of zombies show up, determined to get at Matt and Dr. Culbetron.  The story continues as Matt, the doctor, and the robot encounter a vampire Matt went to high school with and a werewolf who lives down the street.  It becomes the mission of all five to cure the werewolf and the vampire of their monster tendencies without becoming zombies in the process.

Watch a video of author Matt Mikalatos discussing Night of the Living Dead Christian!
This is a hilarious story that had me laughing out loud several times at the characters' antics.  When the werewolf is introduced, the reader learns his name is Luther Martin.  His father is a Lutheran pastor and is almost fanatical about the influence reformer Martin Luther had on the modern church.  As a result, the poor werewolf's name is Luther Ann Martin. 

The funniest character, however, is Matt.  His delusions of self-grandeur aside, he is quite witty and incredibly perceptive.  In a review for Imaginary Jesus, the DC Christian Fiction Examiner had this to say about author Matt Mikalatos:

If Mikalatos’s wry wit doesn’t pull you into the book within a couple pages, his action-packed chase of imaginary Jesus will soon have you flipping pages. But be warned. Beneath the excitement of the adventurous chase and the humor of his comic wit, Mikalatos packs some heavy, biblical punches 

This reader whole-heartedly agrees that the author has created a novel that is just as compelling with NOTLDC.  While laughing at the situations the characters find themselves in, the reader is confronted with their own beliefs about what real Christianity looks like.  Is it blind devotion to a particular religious leader that only allows followers to use one translation of the Bible, certain songs at worship, and certain styles of dress?  Those are zombies.  What about those that feel they are never really forgiven and their sinful man must be 'killed' again and again, having a stake driven through their heart on an almost daily basis?  Vampires!  And what about those that just can't seem to control their animalistic tendencies to hurt and tear apart those they love?  The ones that try to fix themselves through therapies, church attendance, and any other means possible?  Werewolves!

In the end, all the characters make some kind of change and the truth of Christianity and Christ's love is revealed.  Mikalatos has been called the 21st century's C.S. Lewis because he exposes the hypocrisy of the modern church.  His style has been called a cross between Monty Python and C.S. Lewis.  Whatever words are used to describe author Matt Mikalatos, one thing is certain.  He has a long writing career ahead of him and this reader wants to devour everything he writes.


  • Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a free copy of Night of the Living Dead Christian.
  • The publishers of this book have also given me a certificate good for ONE FREE COPY of Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos to be won by a lucky reader of Tally's Place.
Here are the MANY ways you can enter this giveaway. 

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Rules and Stuff

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  2. If you enter this contest and I have no way to contact you, I will choose another winner. I must be able to reach you by email in order to obtain your physical mailing address so I can mail the certificate to you.
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  1. "Luther Ann Martin" is hilarious! I'd love to win this. Fingers crossed....


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