Thursday, June 25, 2009


i'm doing my first giveaway! i'm so excited about how these potholders came out that i am going to give a pair to 2 people...that's each person will win a pair. to enter the giveaway just leave me a comment and the winners will be chosen by the random number generator. i will choose the winners on sunday, june 28 at 8 am (pst).

so a little about the potholders...they are made from the following materials: recycled denim, recycled buttons, recycled wool sweater as the filling, and the stripey fabric, which i got from my mom (who knows how long she has had it) is from p. kaufmann, inc. you can enter more than once but you must post a comment elsewhere about my giveaway and then let me know to be entered more than once (your blog, myspace, facebook, etc would count as three entries, but you would need to let me know in three separate comments to make it fair.)

good luck and i can't wait to read your comments!


  1. These are a great idea - they look much funkier than the daggy ones I have around the house and I love that they're recycled. Are they as simple to make as it sounds? They'd make cute housewarming gifts!

  2. Love your potholders! particularly the way you did the hangers with the buttons! Great Re-fasion!!

  3. yes emma, they are very easy to do...maybe i will post a tutorial later today.


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