Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i've been gone a while... so much going on and just haven't felt like posting... ugh! anyway i have about a million projects on my to do list and it seems i'm not getting anyof them done! i hate that...i want to but...on top of which i'm coming down with some nasty cold bug or something. this should not be happening when the weather is warming up and i want to be outside. and....just a little rant..why do people that have no real inkling of who you are as a person and have enough problems of their own feel qualified to make judgements about your life? i mean seriously! i was called a hoarder today and not by my husband, family member or even a close friend. by someone who i have probably spent a total of about 30 minutes in conversation with (if that much!) spread over a 6 month period of time. this person does not know me or my strengths much less my weaknesses. and while i have and continue to regularly kid about starting a junk/stuff collector's anonymous group i don't feel this person is qualified to make such a serious accusation. OK... maybe i'm so touchy about this because i do feel like my stuff is sort of overtaking my life... BUT that is for me to decide not a relative stranger! and i don't wanna fix my problem. i have gotten rid of so much in the last two years that i barely recognize myself. i went through a divorce and got rid of many things and i finally feel like i am being my true self, my creative self, my artsy self that i am supposed to be. anyway i guess i feel a little better now that i got that off my chest! so hopefully i will get some projects done soon and be able to post about them. i definitely have some pictures to post that show the wonderful place i work and i want to show you how i know it's truly summertime out there. see ya soon!


  1. eh I'll be in your junk/stuff group you should see my place and I'm sure you'll feel better. People should say things like that boo. don't worry a second more about it.

  2. haha... thanks! good to know there are others out there like me


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