Thursday, June 25, 2009

my work environment #1

i know how hard it is to work and live in an area like this but... someone has to do it. these are sites and spots i drive by everyday on my way to work at Redcrest Resort.

eel river at usual location of shively summer bridge

(however since the sale of the timber co that normally puts in the bridge has decided the residents of shively have to pay to have the bridge put in, it looks like the summer bridge may be a thing of the past. so sad)

this is a reminder to myself to stay away from the poison oak... i will probably have at least one breakout before the summer is over

a honey bee doin' its job to get my blackberries ready for harvesting
(technically they aren't "my" blackberries but i have been picking them here every year since i became an adult...long enough to call them mine)

the overgrown pathway into the heart of the blackberry patch. there is a huge walnut tree way back there too. the path just hasn't been cleared by the technical owners yet

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