Sunday, December 13, 2009

Artfire Vintage Goodies

As I recently wrote, I just became a member of the community.  I have been lurking around at other sellers' studios and have found quite a bit that I *heart* sooo much.  I though I would share a few of my recent finds with you.  I hope you enjoy.

Enchanted Vintage  Who remembers Sarah Coventry jewelry?  I remember my mom, aunties, and Nana going to these home parties when I was a little girl.  It was a mark of being a "lady" to wear a piece of Sarah Coventry jewelry.  I remember getting a necklace for some special occasion and being so excited that it was a Sarah piece.  This jewelry company is still in business!  (Who knew?)  But if you are like me, it is the older, vintage pieces of this jewelry line that catch your eye. Nellie of Enchanted Vintage has a wonderful offering of vintage accessories.  These are high end pieces, but well worth the asking price.  My current favorite in her studio is the Vintage 1968 Sarah Coventry Fashion Petals Brooch and Earring Set.  It's a gorgeous peach color that is to die for.  Go check it out if you love vintage!

B. Inspired Vintage  Krissy's studio is filled with all sorts of 70's and earlier fun items.  What first caught my eye was an "O is for Owl" page she rescued from a 1930's alphabet book.  We all know how trendy owls are right now.  It's adorable!  What else did I see?  Those snap together animal parts from Tupperware.  Cool!  Golden Atomic Starburst Glasses that are clearly from the Cold War/atomic age.  Perfect for the bomb shelter in your back yard.  Go see if Krissy's studio brings back some childhood memories!

Art Deco Luxe  Va va va voom!  Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day....all these chic ladies wore kitten heels.  Who wouldn't want a pair of black sparkly kitten heels lined in 1950's pink?  Gorgeous!  This studio owner from Mesa, Arizona may not have lots and lots of items up for sale, but boy oh boy!  I would kill for some of this stuff.   Mostly these shoes. But alas, they are too small for my old feet. If Art Deco Luxe ever comes across a larger pair though, step back, they're mine! 

Carymeover  is a studio that carries new and vintage items.  I found this lovely little pin cushion made fom a lace doily and a custard tin.  (No plastic pudding cps yet!)  How clever and I love that someone was being crafty with items they had on hand way back when.  Some of the newer items include soap-making supplies and a Black Bamboo Blended Shawl  made from bamboo yarn by Lauren herself.  Carymeover is worth a look and see.

old bag vintage Love that name!  Not pages and pages of items here, but what is available are real treasures.  I immediately fell in love with this 1960s Pretty in Pink Poie de Soie Clutch Evening Bag Purse.  How Doris and Audrey is that?!?  I might have to buy this if I ever have a sale of my own. Haha.  I really like the pink earrings in this studio as well.  Check out this New Jersey-based seller soon.

And now in other news....

This is my 99th post!  My next post will be the big 100!  In my 101st post I will be hosting a truly fabulous giveaway perfect for the holidays.  Most likely that will take place tomorrow or the next day.  Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring B.Inspired Vintage. I'm also fairly new to Artfire, so it's so nice to be recognized! I'll be following you! :)


  2. Cindi,
    Thank you, thank you for commenting on my store CaryMeOver. What a wonderful blog!
    I appreciate that others like you are interested in vintage items and new handmade items. Welcome to Artfire and best wishes for the new year! I'll be following you too.


  3. Cindi, thank you for your kindness. I'm so happy you like my shop Enchanted Vintage at artfire. I appreciate your lovely words. My daughter set my shop up for me. I am still trying to learn my way around the computer. I wish us both success. Thank you again, Nellie

  4. Hello Cindi, thank you very much for mentioning my Mother's shop ( enchanted vintage) on your blog. She mentioned your thoughtfulness to me yesterday. It's kind people like yourself that help to get the word out. I wish you every happiness. Merry Christmas, Katherine


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