Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life Goes On

Four generations, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, 2009.
My mom (Arlene), me, The Bean (Natalia), and my daughter, Molly.

I'm so very thankful for my family.  I know, this kind of post usually comes around Thanksgiving time, but now is when I'm talking about it.  As I think about where all of us (the women in this picture) have come from, I'm so thankful that GOD chose me to be born into this family at this time.  I thought I would share some statistics with you.

Arlene Rose Muller Mock- Born in Abingdon, PA on November 27, 1944.  Her dad was Oskar Wilhelm Muller.  He came to this country as a young adult from Germany.  Her mom was Elizabeth Reigelmeyer Muller and was from Austria-Hungary.  Elizabeth came to this country as a 16 year old girl with her cousin and friend; all three young women were around the same age.  Arlene has an older sister, Helen.  Arlene and her parents moved toWhittier, CA when Arlene was 8.  She lived in that area until she met her husband, my dad John, and moved to northern California to marry him.

Cindi Marie Mock Buck Rose- Born in Eureka, CA on August 15, 1967 at the County Hospital.  (The building is now Semper Virens, the county MENTAL hospital and some say that explains alot.)  My dad, John Fred Mock, was born in the farmhouse his dad was born in located in Chehalis, WA.  I am the oldest of 3 children.  My brother, Aaron lives in Oregon and my sister, Ammi lives here in Humboldt County.  I married Lonnie Buck in 1987 and had 3 children, Molly, Callie, and Levi.  I divorced and married my high school sweetheart, Ken Rose (BunBun) in May, 2008.

Molly Elizabeth Buck- Born in Fortuna, CA on August 29, 1989 by c-section.  Molly was a round-faced, ringlet-headed adorable baby.  She loved to read as a toddler, is a protective older sister, and a joy to have around.  She loves to laugh and the littlest thing can set her giggles off.  She will be returning to college soon to pursue a degree in early childhood education.  Some say she looks like her mom, but I say she looks like her dad and half-sister, Natasha.

Natalia Rose Buck- Born in Fortuna, CA on May 26, 2009.  Her mommy delivered her with no medication at all in just under 3 hours.  Her daddy's name is Ulises Abigail Orosco and he is from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Natalia (Nati, Tally, The Bean) is a joy to have around and is a very happy baby.  She squeals to get your attention and her belly laughs soon have those around her belly laughing as well.  She has an affinity to men, especially bald men with glasses (like my dad, her great grampa) and will flirt with them shamelessly.  She also loves the camera and will usually ham it up when she sees that first flash.

I am proud to say that I am one of the women in this picture.  We are strong, decisive women.  Women who are intelligent and determined.  We are hard working and we know GOD has a plan for us.  We will do our best to bring glory to HIS name.

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  1. Hi Cindi. What a beautiful post and photo. That's whats wonderful about a blog you can journal you feeling and then even print them out for a future journal for your children. It's touching to hear how proud you are to be a part of your family.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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