Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Just one word… plastics.”

If you have seen The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Katharine Ross, then you recognize this quote and this clip.  If not, well, here is the short of it.  Benjamin (Hoffman) is recently graduated from college and is unsure of what he wants to do with his life.  An associate of his father's is giving him some business advice.  When this film was made, plastic was an industry that was barely even born yet.

Flash forward to 2009, plastic is everywhere and we don't know how to get rid of it.  Why am I talking about this?  Is it because I am big on recycling/repuposing?  Yes this is true, but not the main reason.  Is it because some really clever and creative items can be made using plarn?  Again, true but not the main reason. 

I have two words for you....Plastic Canvas!  Before I get started let me apologize if you love /work with/adore plastic canvas.  What I'm about to say in no way reflects on any one person or their abilities at being an artisan/craftisan.  These are my own personal opinions and do not represent the opinions of every blogger out there.  O.K.

I HATE PLASTIC CANVAS!  While it has its place in the home crafter's history, it is time to put it to rest.  It is outdated, reminds me of an old lady's house and is just plain tacky.  Maybe somewhere, in the universe, there is someone who can make something useful and beautiful from plastic canvas, but I have yet to see it.  It belongs in the attic along with macrame made with big thick twine, popsicle stick picture frames, and packing peanut Christmas garland.  I'm all about reusing, but some things should just never have been invented.

You know what plastic canvas reminds me of?  The poor redheaded step-child of counted cross-stitch.  The overall-wearin', bucktoothed, moonshine drinkin', lazy step-child that lives in a ramshackle tin shed and eats critters and vittles., if you have been offended, I do apologize.  It's nothing personal.  And if you can show me a beautiful creation made from plastic canvas, well, I'll be happy to display it here and tell the world how beautiful it is.  But I'm not holdin' my breath or nuthin'!


  1. gee Cindi, tell us how you really feel!!! I , too, would like to see something wonderfully created with it THAT did not look out-dated - (that is the word needed, out-dated) and truly amazing. I wonder if there is anybody out there?

  2. Sorry all you plastic lovers but I have to agree with Cindi, who is way braver than me to say it. Maybe someone could do something with it besides yarn. Goodness knows I don't know what that would be. When I worked in apt management we had the sweetest little old ladies that spent a lot of time creating with this medium. Bless their hearts I was happy to see them busy doing something and it gave them so much joy to make and give it to someone else. But yes, it does remind me of little old ladies, especially the sweet ones.

    Hugs and Happy New Year...Tracy :)


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