Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year & Giveaway Update

Happy 2010!  How is it possible that it is 2010 already?  Weren't we all just worrying about the Y2K bug not too long ago?  Time marches on, I guess.

Last night BunBun and I hosted the appetizer portion of our church's progressive dinner.  It was a wet and stormy night, but there were still plenty of people who stopped by to taste the goodies.  (Thanks Lee's and Dunker's for your help!)  Then it was off to the Teasley's (Starla and Garry's) for all kinds of yummy soups.  We sampled Clam Chowder, Split Pea, Hearty Hamburger Soup, and Arron Lee provided a Seafood and Tomato Bisque.  We all piled into our cars as all the kids went whooping it up into the empty streets (aren't other people's kids hilarious?) and headed off to the Walters' home.  Imagine BunBun and my surprise when we pulled up in front of the house my best friend lived in during high school?  (Cue Wayne's World do-do-do- do music and Garth and Wayne doing the squiggly line dream sequence thingy)

Many, many, many nights and days were spent here hanging out with my friend and her boyfriend.  Anyway, we had delicious spaghetti and french bread in Jim and Kathy's lovely home before heading off to the church for dessert.
We finished off the night eating dessert and laughing with friends.  Then we gathered together and prayed out the old year and prayed in the new.  It was a great time.  As a side note, coffee, sparkling cider chocolate, and other gooey desserts CAN give you some sort of hangover.  I'm definitely feeling icky today.

Before I get to the giveaway, I just want to mention a little bit of fame that came our way a couple days ago.  Starla is the director of an outreach program at our church called Ruth's Room.  Our local NBC affiliate, KIEM TV has a weekly spot on the newscast called Spirit of the Northcoast.  It highlights local people that help others,provide services, etc. for the county.  Well, Ruth's Room was blessed to be chosen as this past week's spot.  A lovely new reporter named Ramona came down and interviewed Starla and some other volunteers (yours truly included) for the spot.  It was fun and we hope it will help us reach more people.  We have saved approximately 60 tons of clothing and household items from the landfill in the nearly 3 years we have been open.  Here is the link to the broadcast.

And now.....for the giveaway.  I will be posting it in a couple days, but I wanted to give you a little preview of what it will include.  There will be a couple's devotional book written by James Dobson, some candles, and a large monogram of the winning person's choice.  I'm going to make one of my initial to demonstrate before I post it.  Hope you will all enter and spread the word to your friends and readers as well. 

On this day, 147 years ago, President Abraham Lincold signedthe Emancipation Proclamation.

Now I'm off to help BunBun take down the Christmas tree and get started on that monogram.


  1. Happy New Year to you, too. Thanks for the nice comment and congrats on being on TV! What a nice thing to be recognized for.


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