Monday, October 19, 2009

Doing the Winner's Happy Dance From My Sickbed

Oh. My. Goodness.  I'm still in shock...for real!  I just won one the most wonderful-fantastic-super-duper- terrific thing!  I won muvee Reveal from Patty Reiser at This Digital Life.  I cannot wait to use this fantastic editing tool.  Pics, video, music.  I see a whole new world of scrapping opening up to me.  Also, I will be able to use this to create info for crafts Starla and I make and sell.  I'm absolutely giddy with excitement!  (Ok, as giddy as one can get while running a temp, aching from head to toe and sneezing every five seconds.)   

I found McLinky"s Friday Blog Hops only a little more than a week ago and after entering I-lost-track-how-many giveaways, I have won twice.  Last week I won 250 custom greeting cards from Uprinting courtesy of Jerri at Simply Sweet Home.  So if you are keeping track, that's two wins in two weeks.  "Big deal" you might be thinking.  Well to the girl in the blue faded bathrobe with tissues hanging out of the pocket, it's a very big deal.  It's confirmation from GOD that I'm on the right track and doing what He wants.  Wow is all I can say.  God chooses to bless us in ways we can never imagine. 

If you want my advice, you need to get in on this blog hopping giveaway stuff right away.  I've never had so much fun sitting at my desk.


  1. Congrats Cindi! I know you will absolutely love the program. My contact at muvee says its already in the mail.
    We live in a small world. I just noticed that you live in Fortuna. My hubby used to live in Mad River.
    Enjoy the program and I look forward to seeing your first muvee.
    Wishing you a picture perfect day!


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