Sunday, October 11, 2009

McLinky Blog Hopping Fatigue

Ok...somehow I found McLinky and somehow got sucked into all the possibilities of free goodies and signed up to give something away on my blog.  This adorable sweater purse that I made.  (ONLY 9 ENTRIES SO FAR!)  Every time I think I have signed up for all the possiblities at this week's blog hop, I find something else that I'm dying to win.  For example... Mellisa over at Getting All My Ducks in a Row is hosting a giveaway of these adorable pillowcase dresses.  Now you may be saying to yourself, "Self, I could easily make these myself.  Why do I need to win them?"  And Self would answer, "Because they are stinking adorable and do you really have the time to make them?"  I know I don't and I doubt that Self does either.  So go check out Mellisa's adorable blog and enter to win these dresses...but don't win them cause I want them and you KNOW I have the perfect little girl in mind for them.

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  1. That is a great post about my giveaway!! Good Luck!! I can't wait to see Miss M is her beautiful dress either!!


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