Monday, October 19, 2009

Tips I Could- and SHOULD Use

I just found a great blog Hemidemisemiquaver Designs  while I was checking out one of my daily faves  Becky has this great info about how to organize and rethink your crafting.

 I can definitely relate to her theme of Imitate when it comes to trying something new.  Trust me, I am a great copier of other people's wonderful ideas.  Sometimes I imitate something only once before making it my own, while other times I have to make a few "non-originals" before I find my groove. 

When it comes to Assimilating or finding new uses for things I already have...I've got this one down baby!  Ask anyone who knows me, I can find a new way to use something.  Don't believe me?  Check out this, or this, or...even this.  Unfortunately, BunBun believes I need to do more crafting and less finding of supplies.

Sometimes I'm more Innovative than other times.  For me this ties into the assimilating aspect.  I might get a great idea while looking at something as simple as a pair of mittens, while other times I could be surrounded by "stuff" to spark creativity and....NOTHIN'. 

All in all, I will definetily be checking Becky's blog often to see what I can Imitate, Assimilate, and Innovate from her terrific posts.

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