Friday, October 23, 2009

Giving Away My Sister

There were times I would have liked to give my sister away.  She is younger than me by about 8 years and it has not always been easy to get along.  I moved out of our parents' home shortly after I turned 18, leaving my 14 year old brother, Aaron, and my 10 year old sister, Ammi behind.  I remember her begging me not to move out and, me being the  wise older sister, thinking everything would be fine and I would always adore my baby sis.  Oh how we grow up so fast when we are out on our own.  There have been some rough and tumble, down and drag out screaming matches between us over the years.  If you know our family, you know we don't do anything quietly.  So when I say screaming, I mean...


As we have gotten older, and hopefully, matured, we have come to discuss our differences calmly and a little more quietly.  We may have tears streaming down our faces, but we have learned something important in the last year or so.  Those that we love and cherish can be taken from us at a moment's notice without any warning.  Time is short and even if we don't always agree with someone nothing is worth losing a relationship with someone you love. 

So even though there may still be times Iwould like to give my sister away, I never would.  (Where would I find a sister that knows exactly what I mean when I say "The Convincers," "Mom's Coke Bottle," or  "The Patteren Store?")  Give away my sister? NO  My sister hosting a giveaway? YES  Little Sis is now a Close to My Heart  consultant.  She is hosting a giveaway on her blog, Mockingbird Place, where you can win a stamp pad of your choice from Close to My Heart.  So go check it out, leave her some comment love, and tell her how much I love her.

The top pic is obviously Ammi and the other pic is my bubby, Aaron and um...some biker ho motorcycle women.


  1. Ahh I love ya sis and yes one can never forget "The Convincers" HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Hey Cindi.. Thanks for the comment on my blog re: Obama. I just read the article associated with the link.. You never can tell anymore huh? hmm .. I never want to put something as fact when it's not. I'll do some more reading on it. Ugh there is something new everyday isn't it?


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