Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look What I Got!

Some of you mya know I'm slightly addicted to Swap-bot.  For those of you that don't know what it is:  It's a website that you join and then are able to swap items with other members.  There are all sorts of swaps and all sorts of members.  Some of the swaps are for things like postcards or stationery, while others are for things like handmade jewelry or quilt blocks. 

I recently joined a swap that was called Shop Swap & Blog.  The basis of this swap is that you send your partner something from your online shop and then they blog about it.  I recently received the folloing items from littleZ

There are two adorable little iron-ons, a stamped goose, and her business card.  What is not pictured is a cute little hand carved heart stamp.  It was immediately taken by my little neighbor friend.  (She loves hearts!)  The heart stamp was on a cute little wooden disk that showed what the stamp was.  You can see what they look like in littleZ's shop, right here.   I can't wait to use the iron-ons.  I think I will use them on something for The Bean.  And the goose is perfect for a scrapbook page I have planned about my ancestors from Germany.  It just looks Old World to me.

Lisette - the person who is "littleZ" is from the Netherlands and she has an adorable little DaWanda shop.  She also has a blog where she talks about living on the West Coast of Holland, her artsy side and life in general.  She is very sweet and I love the look of both her blog and her shop.  I'm so glad I got partnered with her!  I know I will be visitng both her blog and her shop more in the future.  Thanks Lisette for the wonderful items.

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  1. Hi, you are so welcome. Good to hear you like the items I send you!


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