Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok...I have just been challenged and I truly believe GOD is talking to me on this one.  I was just over at Mellisa's blog, Getting All My Ducks in a Row.  I told you about her before, she was giving away those adorable pillowcase dresses.  WHICH I DID NOT WIN!  Oh well.  So she has this Random Acts of Kindess thing going on and she talks about a challenge her best friend gave her.  I'm not even gonna tell you what it is.  You will have to go read her blog to find it.  But...I know GOD is telling me to take this challenge.  My marriage needs it. I need it.  My husband deserves it.  How is that for a teaser?   The story I want to share with you is one that happened not too long ago.

I have a wonderful neighbor.  She is like a mini dynamo.  She has I don't know how many dogs (all sizes) and a parrot that you can hear quite clearly on warm days when we both have our windows open.  Recently she came over to bring us a jar of homemade salsa.  Delicioso!  We started talking about this little kitten in the neighborhood who has a less then attentive owner.  What to do?  Well, Shelly told us about a friend of her's who is a veterinarian.  Shelly catches feral kittens, her friend spays or neuters them, and then Shelly takes them to her ranch she has in the hills.  People like this are amazing.  To top this all off, Shelly is going in soon for another heart surgery.  She needs to have a replaced valve replaced.  So keep her in your prayers please.  And the wandering little kitten?  Owner woke up and is now taking care of him. 

If you would like to promote RAOK on your blog, Mellisa has a link for you to do that over at her place.


  1. What a great idea! We are always very careful about what we say to each other but I could definitely be better at saying more positive things. :-)

  2. I wish you the best on this challenge with your husband. I know what a difference it's made in my marriage...I am starting another 30 days today also!

    What a sweet thing she is doing for those poor little kittens. Thank goodness for people like that! RAOK are all around us!

    Have a great week!

  3. Great, I think I should take this challenge too.. I bet it would be very rewarding. I need to join this theme I think it's awesome.


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