Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Discovery of the Tufted Jellyfish

I'm aboard the U.S.S. Teasley and we are currently trolling the waters of Northern California in search of the elusive effertus Jamius piscis; otherwise known as the Tufted Jellyfish.  This is a recently discovered species found only in the Pacific Northwest. 

These creatures are characterized by a  nerve net resembling floating ribbons of all colors.  They also are not translucent as most other jellyfish are.  The Tufted Jellyfish is relatively small in size.  One scientist has compared their size to the circumference of an infant's head. These jellyfish travel in a bloom (group) and are friendly to all  they encounter.  They have no harmful sting and are child-safe over the age of 3.

Most of these animals are female, the male is rarely seen and appears only once in a blue moon.  They even appear to have a flower, gingham, or multi-pattern to their body.  These are easily captured and seem to flourish in captivity.  Left alone in the vast expanse of the ocean, they would sink to the bottom of a dark and lonely treasure chest.

If you would like to become the owner of one of these Tufted Jellyfish, adoptions can be arranged through this blog.  There is a small processing fee for the adoption paperwork.

Below are some photographs recently taken of new born Tuffies.

Contact me as soon as possible about obtaining your very own one-of-a-kind Tufted Jellyfish.  They will soon be on exhibit at Simpson University.

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