Friday, November 13, 2009

You Look Beat, Cindi

That's what Starla just said. And even though I haven't looked in a mirror for the last several hours, I'm sure she's right.  We have been at this "Nightmare Before the Craft Show," since about 9 am.  Tomorrow is the big day.  Our first show of the holiday season.  We also just found out we got accepted to a juried show in Redding, California next weekend.  It will be held at Simpson College. (Sorry there are no links, but I'm tired and will have to add them later.)  I'm sitting in Starla's craft room and she is busily ironing on the back of a t-shirt.  We put Tally's Place & ReFashioned Threads on the  back of two shirts, one for me and one for her.  I'm so excited that I'm beginning to ramble.  So for now I'll say goodnight and I'll be back tomorrow to update you on the success of tomorrow's show.  If you're in Fortuna, stop by the Vets' Building and see us.

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