Sunday, September 13, 2009

a-crafting we will go....

so...aside from the D-R-A-M-A that took place this weekend, it was a good few days. now i'm about to head downstairs to sit with BunBun and watch t.v. and craft. what will i be crafting you ask? a cute little bird ornament made from felt. i'm making him/her ( i haven't decided which yet) for a swap on swap-bot. if it turns out well, i will post a tutorial. if it doesn't turn out well, i'll be posting pics of a craft disaster. haha. and what will BunBun and i be watching for our viewing pleasure? A docu-drama called "Manson" on the History channel. Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzies? Well, i'm off.... hope little birdie turns out well.

oh and P.S. if you haven't checked out Starla's blog ReFashioned Threads yet, go do it... NOW! she is hosting a fun giveaway.

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