Monday, September 14, 2009

not quite a failure, not quite a success

Here is the little bird I made last night while watching "Manson" on the History channel.  It was a good docudrama, although it was awful to see inside the "Family" that Manson created and the havoc that they caused.  The little bird is made from grey wool, felted, that was once a skirt.  I like how he turned out, mostly, but have decided to put a stiffener in the middle to make him more stable.  Actually, BunBun suggested it when I held the little creature up to see what he looked like. So, tonight- more bird adventures and hopefully a tutorial within the next couple days. 
I will most likely be watching "Hoarders" tonight, all the while, batting my eyelashes at BunBun everytime he looks at me and the t.v. and me again, with that look of... "that could be you on that show, ya know."
Have a great night and remember, GOD is the architect, and master designer of our lives.

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