Friday, September 18, 2009

Reality is my Life

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a reality show junkie.  Well, the new season of some of my favorites has started, so here is a recap of what I watched this week.

ANTM- I love Tyra and she did not disappoint this week.  She showed up as Super Smize.  The super model super hero to teach the contestants how to smile with their eyes.  Some of these girls just DO NOT get it.  There was a smizing contest and the girls that won got to have dinner with the head of Wilhelmina Models, Sean Patterson.  The photo shoot this week was interesting.  They headed to Santa Anita Race Track to have their photos taken with a jockey and a horse.  You know these girls are short, none is over 5' 7", but standing next to the jockey, they looked TALL.  Once again Bianca complained about what she was required to wear, but she made it to the next round when crippled Courtney was eliminated.  The judges felt she let her broken foot get in the way of doing her best.  The guest judge was Lauren Conrad and as a side note, how did this girl get her own show.  She seems about as smart as Paris Hilton ie. D-U-M-B.  As usual, Nigel was gorgeous.

SURVIVOR- This was the first episode and the two tribes are Foa Foa and Galu.  The contestants are in Samoa this time and already I can see a villain making himself the one everyone loves to hate.  Russell of the Foa Foa tribe started off as a Johnny FairPlay kind of guy.  If you don't know who Johnny FairPlay is, google him.  He is a despicable past contestant.  Russell lied, emptied all the canteens, and threw socks in the fire.  He calls himself the puppetmaster and so far it looks like he may be right.  We'll see how long his sneaky ways will go unnoticed.

PROJECT RUNWAY- This time around the designers were taken on a field trip to the L.A. Times to find out what this week's challenge was going to be.  They would be required to design a garment made from newspaper.  There were some really interesting gowns, dresses, etc. made from this "fabric"  Some of my faves were Carol Hannah's (she is just a cutie), Christopher's, and Gordana's. The winner was Irina.  It was a great design and was well-made too.  The guest judge was Tommy Hilfiger.  LOVE TOMMY!  Eliminated this time was Johnny.  Johnny was caught lying to the judges.  When Tim Gunn came into the work room to check on the designers' progress, he gave Johnny a scathing opinion.  Johnny subsequently threw the dress away and started all over.  When the judges asked him about his original design, he told them he had been pressing it and steam from the iron destroyed it.  Uh oh!  Lying to the likes of Heidi Klum is a big no-no.
 Auf Wiedersehen , Johnny.  Can't wait till next week to see what Tim has in store for the remaining designers.

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