Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Going On?!?

So many things are happening right now, I don't know where to begin!  I guess I can just give my thoughts, opinions, views, etc on each one, but that could take all day week.  I'll do my best to keep it brief.

*My church, Rio Dell Baptist Church has a Facebook page.  If you click on the link, it will take you to the page.

*We have been having revival services all week at church and the Spirit of God has filled the building each and every night.  We have a different speaker each night and it's amazing to see God working through each of these men.

*Our AWANA group is gearing up for its annual yard sale and the donations are starting to pour in.  Lots of work, but well worth it when you realize the money will go to promote the gospel in our community and to help children memorize scriptures and come to know the Lord.

*A local church is experiencing some difficult times.  One of its deacons recently was arrested for DUI and when the pastor of the church asked him to step down as deacon, many in the church became angry and said the the pastor had no right to do this.  It was none of his business.  What is wrong with this picture!?!  A pastor has an obligation to the members of his church, the community, and GOD to do what is right and take a stance against Christ's bride looking like the rest of the world.  Please pray that this church body will be restored, that the exiting pastor will be encouraged, and that the deacon will receive the help he needs.

Till next time...xxxooo!


  1. Ok I'll bite and be one of the intelligent and beautiful ones!! lol Church trouble is never good. Hope that restoration takes place quickly. I'll be praying. Sometimes there has to be a little shaking for good to come. Trusting for God's truth and will to be revealed. God bless.

  2. I try to avoid church politics, although being a Baptist makes that near impossible. :) Its hard to say whose responsibility it is to decide who is and is not in a leadership position. You cannot say that only the perfect people are leaders because then nobody would do it! You also can't say that we're all sinners so anyone can be a deacon because some people don't need to be leaders. I think sometimes more trials come from inside our own walls than outside. The only answer I have is that G-d will take care of it!

  3. Hey Cindi. You're always one busy gal. I will be praying for you (to keep up your strength) and for the other church.

    Take care of yourself. Love ya, Tracy :)

  4. Churches have Facebook pages?


    Happy Belated Easter!


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