Tuesday, January 26, 2010

About the Giveaway....and Kim's Giveaway

I was feeling a little sorry for myself earlier....but the pity party is over!!!  So I didn't reach 50 comments....I have lots of new followers(Thanks and Welcome new friends), I have friends and family that think I'm kinda cool, and I have the most wonerfullest, loving, sexy (if I do say so myself) husband in the world.  So...do I give it away or not?!?  Well.....I don't want to back down from the 50 comment thing, so...If you really wanna win it...go leave me ANOTHER comment there if you already left one...and if you still haven't entered, here is your chance.  As soon as I notice there are 50 comments, I'll choose a winner from the

Go visit my dear sweet friend Kim, from Save That Pickle Jar!  She is giving away an adorable, gotta-have-it, Valentine's Day bunting mae from Moda fabric.  Too stinkin' cute!

Love ya all!


  1. Hey, don't feel bad about not getting heaps of comments; your blog is for you and is how you want it to be. Lots of people might read it but not bother commenting, and it's no reflection on your content at all, just the way it is... people may love reading it but not take the time to enter the comments page...
    Re you query about Australia Day, it's the anniversary of the arrival of the first (British) fleet on Australian soil, but over time it's just become a national celebration for Australians and the origin isn't important anymore, I had to google it to find out myself!

  2. good for you Cindi! pity parties are no fun anyway! overcoming and being flexible is the way to go anyday!

  3. Going to check out your giveaway now...

  4. Good Morning Cindi. Thank you for the sweet email. I think that was actually the prettiest email I've ever gotten! Still smiling.

    Good for you. We all need a pity party every now and then but you've done the most important step to the party. You've overcome!

    Hugs Girl, lots of hugs....Tracy :)

  5. Aww. Don't feel bad! I somehow missed the post and never saw it. Maybe a problem with my google reader? Anyway, I think it is really cute but I'm enjoying my wool purse so much that I want to make sure someone else gets to enjoy your awesome work. I love my purse. Whoever wins this one will love it!

  6. Thank you for the shout-out!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you!

  8. I will go check out your give away! Thanks for your comment today on my True Story Tuesday post! Nice to meet you!

  9. I have had the same problem at my blog and I thought hosting a giveaway would convince people to comment. No luck! I did find that participating in Follow Me Friday has increased my followers, so I'm definitely going to keep doing that! Good luck and if you don't wanna give away that cute purse, that's your choice because it was in your rules! :)


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