Saturday, January 16, 2010

Up & Coming Trends: Mushrooms

Is this incredible or what?...seriously, I didn't know mushrooms like this really existed.  But I found it here, and it certainly looks real.  I know I titled this post "Up & Coming Trends" and while I don't claim to be a trend setter or even a trend finder, I really think mushrooms are on their way to being hot.  Don't believe me?  Check out what I recently found on artfire and other fun places.

Artfire:  I found a whimsical and fun little accessory at Puppycatmeow.  It is a mushroom hat!...just like the  one in the picture.  You really have to check it out!  It is so truly adorable.  This Missouri-based artisan is a mom to two little ones and makes all sorts of fun hair accessories/hats.  Go check her out and let her know I sent ya!

Also over at Artfire is PetitPoulailler, a studio based in New Jersey.  If you like collecting vintage prints, then get over to this studio right away.  I'm totally crushing on lots of things I saw, but the mushroom prints are amazing!  I really like the 1943 Beefsteak and Orange Cap Mushroom lithograph and the 1884 Antique Mushroom -Green Brittlegill- Botanical Engraving.  Absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the budding botanist or mycologist in your life.

I'm not into amigurumi or anything of the sort.  But when I found Knot Sew Cute I kind of changed my mind.  I want to point out that technically this isn't amigurumi and this little mushroom is truly functional.  Tara from British Columbia, the artisan, calls this a catch all and she has designed this PDF pattern and lots more.  I *heart* felted objects and this one is no exception.  This artisan has patters for toys and hats and slippers...all felted.  Go look and see if you don't fall in love with something at Knot Sew Cute.

Who couldn't love fabric with little mushrooms on it?  I don't know who...cuz I'm totally crushing on these pieces from bytinster! This one is my absolute favorite with its mushrooms of greens, blues, and oranges. This artisan from Taiwan has so many adorable pieces of fabric, I'm not sure how any one could ever choose.  If you need or just want some cutey patootie fabric, you must look at bytinster first.

My last little stop at artfire brings me to the studio of TishaTooDesigns.  This artisan from Colorado may only have a few things at the moment...but Oh My Doodness!  Go and see if you don't fall in love with this baby toadstool hat.  I can just picture The Bean wearing it.  Can we all say Stinkin' Cute? 

The Long Thread is a blog I follow regularly and Ellen never disappoints me.  I have learned how to try many different crafts by reading her posts. She has a great tutorial for making mushrooms using paper mache'. What a great rainy day project for kids!

And what would a post about mushrooms be without mentioning a recipe for stuffed mushrooms? When we hosted the appetizer portion of our church's progressive dinner, Mike and Sandy brought some delicious stuffed mushrooms.  Why is it I only eat these on New Year's Eve?  So I decided to check out Rachael Ray...and what do ya know?  She has a recipe for Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms!  I haven't tried it yet, but I certainly plan on it.  I mean, they've got to be good if Rachael wrote the recipe...right?

So look at the recipe, whip some up, and then sit down and look at all the stinkin' cute mushroom "stuff" out there.  You won't be sorry... promise.


  1. Hi Cindi. I've been noticing the same thing. Lots of mushroomy crafts everywhere. You know what they say everything old is new again. I still remember mushrooms being all the rage in the 70's.

    Have a blessed Sunday....Tracy :)

  2. Yes, you might be on to something with mushrooms. My dear daughter, 25, has never really liked my antiques or vintage items, but now she and her husband have their kitchen decorated in the 1970's Merry Mushrooms.

  3. Thanks for the 'shroom mention! I remember the 70's fling with mushrooms, too, Tracy ... I just never got over them! I love them still xo

  4. I love mushrooms to eat (though NOT those red & white ones, they're poisonous!) but I had no idea about such a range of mushroom-y crafts. What an unusual trend.


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