Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have You Seen This Hat?

Over at Ruth's Room we are getting ready for a fashion show...we want the entire community to see all the wonderful clothing and treasures that can be found FREE OF CHARGE! 

We came across what we believe to be a vintage hat.  There are no labels and it is made of felted wool.  The color is ivory and the accents are black.  If you have any suggestions as to its origin, designer, etc, PLEASE leave your ideas in the comments section. Here is the wonderful couture hat.


  1. Hi Cindi. First I should tell you now - I haven't a clue about that strange hat. ha-ha. Ruth's place sounds like a wonderful organization, that helps many, many people.

    Thank you for coming by and visiting. I hope we'll share lots of wonderful moments in the Lord's word this year. I truly believe that 2010 is going to bring many miracles and blessings into your life too this year. I hope you'll share you excitement or troubles if you need a friend with me.

    Hugs and all the wishes for good blessings...Tracy :)

  2. I have no clue but it certainly is unique!!!


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