Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wear it Again

Yesterday Starla and I spent most of the day trying to get one item listed on etsy.  The short of it is....pictures needed resizing...blah blah blah.  Here is the one item we got listed; a green velvet dress.  After the fiasco of trying to get that listed and hearing stories from Garrett (her adorable 3 year old) about Fred the Flug/Slug, we were ready to come up with a different plan.  Starla then listed a couple pair of vintage pants on her blog.  The model is her wonderful daughter, Evelyn.  Then, after doing duty at Ruth's Room, locking both sets of my sister's keys in her car, and picking up my granddaughter, we called it a day, or so I thought.

At about 9:30 pm Starla calls me and we decide to start a blog solely for maketing our vintage finds.  What to call it?  We tossed out several, some were already taken, by people who decide to take a great name and then blog once a year and a half ago.  Then we played with some name generators and got a serious case of the giggles when we got names like gouyat rhoyou and shayrta treanosiuy.  So....finaly we decied on Edith and Marjorie.  Our alter egos, our inner old ladies, our vintage gurus. 

Stay tuned for that unveiling!


  1. I hate that when the great names are taken by people who don't actually blog too! I've considered emailing and asking them for the name... Love the idea for your vintage store! I hope you find stuff in my size!

  2. This is too funny and what is really funny about it, it's really true!!!!

  3. I love the name you came up with!!! It's adorable!!!


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