Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Love....Green!

Green is my favorite color.  I'm not sure when my love of green started, but I have embraced it completely.  I thought I would do an artfire and etsy search of "green vintage" and here are the lovelies I found.

First up is Calico Vintage on artfire and this adorable green prairie dress  I know I'm aging myself, but I will readily admit I grew up watching this show.

I loved everything about this show and these books.And I still do.  I remember my cousin had a dress similar to the one at Calico Vintage.  If this dress would fit me today...I'd snatch it up.  The $33 price tag is definitely worth it.  Melissa is from Ohio, and like me, loves everything vintage.  Go visit all the great items in her shop.

Next I stopped by the studio of Sarrah from Michigan.  Her studio, Potato Face, is full of kitschy, one-of-a-kind items.  I found the Percy Ring in my search and fell in love with it.  I love that it is made from a vintage earring!   I found adorable owl earrings, button-stacked rings, and felt finger puppets.  There are lots of great items to be found at Potato Face so go check it out.

I then found these totally far out, mod go-go boots at Capricorn One Vintage.  There is no way these would ever fit my wide feet, but man if they did...I would be dancin' like Goldie Hawn on Laugh In.  There were some other fantastic items in this Spokane, Washington-based seller's studio.  I found an owl pin made with rhinestone eyes that is stinkin' cute, some June Cleaver-esque aprons, and some fabulous Art Deco jewelry.  Go visit the Capricorn One Vintage studio and see what treasures are waiting for you.

Well, that's all for now.  Please visit these studios and have a look around.  They have fantastic finds and if you love vintage like I do.... I know you'll find something you like.

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  1. Oh my I ADORED Little House on the Prairie great books and show! Thanks for all the great links- those boots are super fierce!


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