Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fiber Necklace How-To

nubby purpple necklace

I have been seeing these one-of-a-kind necklaces everywhere. (  High-end, low-end..... and I thought about trying it myself a few times.  It wasn't until my sister, Ammi, gave me a bag of yarn scraps that I wasn't quite sure how I would use, that I finally had the chance to give it a try.

  • crochet hook (I used a size G)
  • at least 2 different yarns, contrasting or complimentary's up to you! Make sure the yarns are of different weights and texture
  • optional: ribbon, lace, fabric....
  • optional: a brooch, flower to accent the necklace
Here is what I came up with...the length and number of strands is totally random.  I just used as much yarn as I had.  On average though, the longest strands are about 200 stitches and the shortest about 140.  The length of the other stands is in between those 2 lengths.  I kind of stopped counting after a while.

Each strand is a simple crocheted chain.  As you get each chain to the length you want, just slip-stitch the ends together to make a loop.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF YOUR YARN. 

Keep crocheting a chain...this will become your next strand.  Keep doing this; slip-stitching chains together and adding a new chain until you have as many strands as you want or you run out of yarn.  On this one, I ran out of the nubby yarn, but kept going with a similar colored yarn and got different kinds of strands in the same necklace.

nubby purple

When you have slip-stitched the last strand together to make a loop, you will have several loops all joined in the same place.  There are a couple of ways to finish.  You can now attach a fabric/felt/crocheted flower to this spot permanently.  You could also just leave it as is and attach a brooch at this spot every time you wear it.  I finished this one off by repeatedly wrapping the ends of yarn around and then weaving in the ends.

purple/pink necklace

I wore this one to Ruth's Room yesterday and got lots of compliments.

Both of my daughter's now want one.  These are very quick to make...I made one while watching Biggest Loser one night and one while watching Ax Men another night.  And I stopped to eat a bowl of ice cream! 

This would also be a great project for a beginner as the only stitches involved are a chain and slip-stitch.  If you have never tried crochet, I urge you to give this project a try.  It doesn't matter if your stitches aren't perfect because the different weights and textures of the yarn are very forgiving. 

I made this one today.

If you do try this...let me know...I'd love to see what you come up with!


  1. I really wish I had more creative talent...those are adorable!!!!

  2. This is a great idea! I should try this with my 9yo she would probably love to make one since there is no rigid pattern to follow!

  3. Hey Cindi. Those colors are really pretty. And I knew someone out there would have a different opinion on the T.P. LOL
    Hugs...Tracy :)

  4. hehe I'm also blaming my deficiencies on my camera. Although I'm borrowing my Dad's fancy camera today, so that will be the real test! (I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to use my "crap camera" as my scapegoat anymore!)

    Great necklaces! Do you think you could make them out of really fine wire?? That would be awesome.


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