Monday, January 18, 2010

Fleece Heart Wreath How-to

Valentine's Day will soon be here.  We will celebrate this day with a Valentine's Day Banquet at our church.  The decorations will be done by the women and the food will be prepared by the men.  We are looking forward to it since we didn't get to attend last year.  In preparation for decorating the fellowship hall, I created a heart wreath.  Not sure if it will be used in the "official" decorations or not, but I absolutely love how it turned out.  If you want to try one of your own, here are the simple steps I took.

* small amount of pink fleece, cut in strips.  My strips were 1 inch by 4 inches.  Make sure you make the 1-inch cuts on the width of the fabric.

* wire coat hanger
* wire-edged gold ribbon.  Mine is 1/4 inch wide ribbon from the dollar store.

**Bend the hanger into a basic heart shape with the hook at the top.  It's not as difficult as it sounds.
**Start tying the strips around the hanger.  You don't need to knot it.

*Continue tying your way around the hanger until you are back at the hook.  Leave some room to maneuver the gold ribbon around the hook.

*Once the hook is completely wrapped (I used about 1 yard of ribbon), you can either hot glue it in place or just start tying fleece pieces over the ends.  I skipped the hot glue gun this round.

*Fluff up your fleece and hang it on the wall!  I decided to make 3 "curls" of ribbon to hang down into the center, but that is totally up to you.

What do you think?  Let me see if you try it yourself.

Beyond The Picket Fence

 Also, today is the day our country observes Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.  Please remind those around you that are younger what an important man Dr. King was to the civil rights movement of our country.  Two movies that I always watched with my children at this time of year were,  Selma, Lord, Selma and Ruby BridgesBoth are well-done films that tell the story from a child's perspective. Have a God-blessed day.


  1. What a fun wall hanging and so easy! Good job!

    What kinds of things do you do at the Valentine's banquet at church?

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! Very cute--I love the soft pink color!

  3. cute, thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I am following you too. Happy Friday Follow!

  4. super cute. i'll have to take something to the cleaner just to get some wire hangers :)

    (hopped over from Friday Follow)


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